Whitecrow Trading Post

(formerly known as Silverheels Trading Post)

About Our Founder: Trudy Silverheels

Trudy Lynn Silverheels, known to her friends as Bootsy, was born Linda Yazzie in 1986.   Three quarters Navajo, she spent her early childhood in Arizona and New Mexico.  Her long career as a fine-art model began in Albuquerque when she was only ten years old.  As a teenager she lived in Mexico City, and after graduating from high school in Coyoacán, DF, she earned a BA degree from the National Autonomous University, then returned to the United States for graduate studies at the University of Texas.  In Austin she first became associated with the Griffoun Society as a nude model for art classes sponsored by the club.  Later, when she took up art and photography herself,  she became a member. 

          Trudy's greatest ambition, however, was to be an author.  At age twenty-four she published her first novel, Dusky Nightshade and the Little Heathens.  Later works of fiction include The Chosen Profession of Jade Stonecalf and Nuevo Biloxi.  In 2011 she published an an erotic memoir or autobiography Baring All, and in 2014 she began a sequel to it entitled Coming Clean.  She died shortly after completing the first draft.  Her sister, Miranda Whitecrow (author of Good Medicine and My Sister Bootsy), edited the work and made the necessary corrections and revisions.  It was published posthumously in January of 2015.  Other works by Trudy Silverheels are currently scheduled for publication.


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