Whitecrow Trading Post

(formerly known as Silverheels Trading Post)

Photography & Illustration
Griffoun Whitecrow Studios, operated by Griffoun Society member artists and fine-art photographers under the management of B. G. Johnson, functions as a division of this Trading Post, which was originally established for the benefit of the Griffoun Society.  A significant portion of every sale still goes to help fund this club in Houston, Texas.  To visit the the Griffoun Whitecrow Studios website and to see prices of all our services, simply click the button below.
Griffoun Whitecrow Studios
Casual or Street Portraits
Casual of street portraits enjoy two major advantages over more-traditional studio portraits.  First, they are more affordable, for there is no need to book a studio.  Second, informal portraits are necessarily more natural than formal ones, capturing more honestly the subject's personality.  Griffoun Society's fine-art photographers favor street portraits.  However, if a studio portrait is required,  we can deliver.
Formal Studio Portraits
Faux Oil Portraits
Faux oil portraits are actually photographs that have been manipulated with Corel software to resemble paintings.  If you examine a faux oil portrait closely, you will even see the brushstrokes.  To complete the illusion, the "painting" will be rendered on stretched canvas.
Pencil Portraits by PC
Industrial & Commercial Photography
(Product Photography, Architectural Photography, Model Portfolios, etc.)

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