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The Paphian Collection

Hand-Bound Bibelot Editions
These lovely little books of tasteful erotica are hand-bound either by Morgan Ashe and her sister Madeleine Ashe in Mexico City or else by Xochitl Alexandra Roma and her sister Xiomara Antonia Roma in Tampico.   The books are all in English and ship from Houston, Texas.  Most are short stories in the style of Marguerite Duras or Anaïs Nin.  Some are illustrated; some are not.  A few are picture books with only a minimum of text.  The size is 5" x 7".   The price is $15 each.  Covers may be different from those shown. The art paper available changes constantly.

Click on any cover image to peek inside the book.   Click the BUY NOW button to purchase with PayPal or with a debit or credit card.   Domestic shipping is always free at Whitecrow Trading Post.  Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax.  
The Challenge by Trudy Silverheels, 22 pages, 1 color illustration, B-0001 $15
Walking in the Moccasins of Jade Stonecalf by Trudy Silverheels, 28 pages, 4 pencil illustrations, B-0002 $15
Two Very Short Stories edited by Xiomara Roma, 24 pages, 3 pencil illustrations, B-0003 $15
Foreign Affairs by Trudy Silverheels, 36 pages, 1 pencil illustration, B-0004 $15
Rendezvous at El Jarocho by Daniel M Collins, Jr, 28 pages, 1 color illustration plus colorful page decorations, B-0005 $15
Sketchbook of Erotic Art by Trudy Silverheels, 26 pages, 20 pencil illustrations (explicit), B-0006 $15
Sketchbook of Phallic Art by Trudy Silverheels, 32 Pages, 24 drawings of penises (some erect; others flaccid) B-0007 $15
NOTE:  As new titles are added, they will appear at the top of the page.

Fine-Art Nudes

Original Small Drawings by Trudy Silverheels
"Madeleine Nude" -- crayon sketch by Trudy Silverheels (6" x 12") S-0001 $20
"Nude Model Standing Before Mirror" -- original pencil sketch by Trudy Silverheels (8" x 10") S-0002 $15
"Ledger Art: Model Disrobing" -- original crayon sketch by Trudy Silverheels (8.5" x 11") S-0003 $15
"Ledger Art: Lace Panties" -- original crayon sketch by Trudy Silverheels (8.5" x 11") S-0004 $15
"Ledger Art: Topless Model" -- original crayon sketch by Trudy Silverheels (8.5" x 11") S-0006 $15
"Cathy Nude" -- 2012 original crayon sketch by Trudy Silverheels (8.25" x 12") 
S-0007 $20
Fine-Art Reproductions
The paintings below are reproduced in standard sizes; so they may have to be cropped somewhat differently than they appear here.  They will, of course, be well composed.  We shall see to that.  
"Girl Dressing" by William McGregor Paxton (reproduced on stretched canvas 8" x 10") R-0001 $100
"Reclining Nude" by Guillaume Seignac (reproduced on stretched canvas 8" x 10") R-0002 $100
"Le Coffret" by Guillaume Seignac (reproduced on stretched canvas 8" x 10") R-0003 $100
"The Wave" by Guillaume Seignac (reproduced on stretched canvas 8" x 10") R-0004 $100
Original Nude Portrait
Sketch by Percy Cabot
This conte-crayon drawing is executed on warm-toned Strathmore charcoal paper 18" x 24".    It is offered unframed and unmounted.  S-0005 $125.
Vintage Hollywood Nude
Clara Bow, the original "It Girl," starred in about five dozen silent films and talkies between 1922 and 1933.  
This studio portrait of Clara Bow semi-nude by an unknown photographer is printed on 5" x 7" archival paper.  It will be delivered unframed and unmounted.  P-0001 $7.50.
19th Century Nude
Julien Vallou de Villeneuve (1795 – 1866) made this photograph of a reclining nude in 1853.
Printed on polished aluminum this 11" x 14" sepia-tone photograph is ready to hang, framing not required.  P-0002 $130
Triptych of Vintage Bordello Nudes
P-0003 $85
P-0004 $85
P-0005 $85
Reproduced on polished aluminum, these sepia-tone nude photographs made in a Mexico City brothel in the early twentieth century can be purchased individually for $85 or as a complete set for $190 (a savings of $65).  The size is 8" x 10" each.  They are ready to hang, no frame required.  All three are of the same lovely model.  Cropping will be slightly different than shown here.
All Three
P-0006 $190
Accordion Book
A Sketchbook of Female Nudes by Trudy Silverheels, 5" x 7", 12 pages.  Images reproduced on rice paper are tipped on the accordion pages.  B-0010 $25
Incidentally, in the center image the model identified as Cathy is actually named Cindy.  Somehow, Trudy simply got mixed up, but we wanted to set the record straight. 
Bethany Ariel Frasier (Cherokee) walking the Black-Hand Trail

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