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Whitecrow Trading Post

(formerly known as Silverheels Trading Post)

Journal of Fanny Whitecrow

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Ledger Art

Posted by Fanny Whitecrow on Monday, July 20, 2020,
This 2017 painting is by Cheyenne artist George Levi.  I love it.
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Shedding Tears

Posted by Fanny Whitecrow on Wednesday, July 1, 2020,

July 1, 2020

Exeter, Devon, England

I was a very small child the last time I shed tears of unhappiness. Nor is that because no misfortune has ever befallen me. Even though my life is blessed beyond what most human beings can even imagine, I have, nevertheless, had to face disappointments and to endure both physical pain and terrible grief. But I do not cry. I deal with it like a big girl. After all, did I not inherited from my mother the storied stoicism of Native Americans? And did m...

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About Me

Fanny Whitecrow My full name is Madeleine Estefania Whitecrow Ashe. I am the niece of Trudy Silverheels, founder of this trading post. To readers of historical fiction, I am known as M W Ashe.
Past managers of this trading post, besides Aunt Bootsy (Trudy Silverheels), are my mother (Miranda Whitecrow), Xiomara Antonia Roma, and Beatrice Garza Johnson. I thank them all for keeping this enterprise operational until I became of age to run it myself.
After a Painting by Maija

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