June 17, 2020

Exeter, Devon, England

I have never been afflicted with undue modesty or paralyzing shyness.  I am not easily embarrassed, but occasionally I might flirt a little on the sly by pretending to social awkwardness or to discomfort that I do not actually feel. I suppose that makes me a pretty naughty girl, but the guys love it, and I like to please.

My bedroom in my grandfather's house has its own bathroom, which is situated directly beside my cousin Trevor's bathroom.  If Trevor happens to be in his bathroom at the same time I am in mine, I can hear him, and I am sure that he can hear me.  This morning, as I sat down on the toilet, I heard Trevor humming to himself.  I could just imagine his standing in front of the mirror, shaving.

"Don't listen," I shouted as I started to pee.  "I'm just washing my hands.  That's all."

He's downstairs now telling the others.  I can hear the laughter from here.